100 sled dogs evacuated from Greenwood Fire

Photo: KBJR-TV

By Kendall Jarboe of KBJR-TV – August 17, 2021

The ongoing Greenwood Fire near Greenwood Lake is endangering the lives of people and animals. White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures in Isabella has 100 sled dogs to watch.

“The fire was supposed to be heading east, and then the sheriff showed up and said he changed direction, and we had to get out of there,” owner Peter McClelland said.

With the fire just three miles from their home, McClelland appealed for help.

“I started a big text message chain with all the mushers in the area, telling them what was going on,” McClelland said.

The mushing community answered the call. Ten groups of mushers showed up on Monday to help move the dogs to safety. Some have even moved to nearby kennels for the time being.

Jake Hway, owner and operator of Chilly Dogs Sled Dog Trips, has taken seven dogs into his care.

“We’re all good friends,” Hway said. “Even though we’re not in an emergency situation, everyone is good friends anyway and take good care of each other.”

Half of McClelland’s pack is on his property in Ely. The others are currently entrusted to other kennels. Dog safety is everyone’s first concern, no matter who owns it.

“We’re competitors in business, but when it comes to dogs, they’re the most important thing for all mushers,” McClelland said.

Employees of White Wilderness Sled Dog Adventures said that overall the dogs are doing very well.

“If we had a fire coming here, I know we would have people nearby ready to help and that feels good,” Hway said.

It is unclear how long the evacuation order will remain in place.

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Bette C. Alvarado