Adoptable Dogs in Northern Colorado

Dogs: they are wonderful. Most of the time I feel like dogs are better than humans. The only thing better than looking at cute pictures of dogs is looking at pictures of dogs you can adopt and giving a forever home…although it can be a bit dangerous because I REALLY almost adopted about 17 dogs in one day.

We currently have a dog (Lucy) who just turned two in July. We adopted her when she was only about 10 weeks old when we lived in Washington at the Seattle Humane Society. She is a red hooker/lab/hound mix and has been a wonderful addition to our family.

It was about 15 minutes after picking up Lucy from the Humane Society and bringing her to work.

AJ/TSM Battalion

AJ/TSM Battalion

AJ/TSM Battalion

AJ/TSM Battalion

We’ve made so many memories in just two years that we’ve had her and expect many more.

The wonderful people of Humane Societies everywhere and the work they do for so many animals cannot be underestimated.

Here in northern Colorado, the staff of the Larimer Humane Society with the Weld County Humane Society are always looking for ways to help and find forever homes for ALL of their animals and creatures which they rescue and care for until a forever home can be found.

There’s no better time than the holidays to welcome a new furry four-legged family member into your home (as long as you know the pet will be well taken care of and a welcome addition) because they’re just as cute whatever the dogs, they must be attended and cared for, especially the puppies.

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