Bronx Boy Who Makes Adoptable Dog Animations Honored as ASPCA Kid of the Year – NBC New York

A young New York boy has been named Child of the Year by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for his work helping socialize adoptable dogs by reading to them.

Evan Bisnauth, 11, of the Bronx started working with animals in 2019 after his mother found a dead dog on a fence near his bus stop. He and his mother then contacted animal care centers in New York and the organization helped them find a place for this dog. It was then that Bisnauth began volunteering with Books for Boroughbreds, ACC’s community program for children.

“When I meet them, they are very scared and feel very vulnerable,” Bisnauth said. “But I try to help them feel like we’re just trying to help them. I like to sit with them and talk with them.”

When the pandemic started, the young animal lover could no longer visit shelters and read to dogs. Still, he continued to post photos and videos of adoptable pets on his Instagram, @eb_and_the_pets, and he created colorful animations of these pets to help them find their forever homes.

“I love getting animals out there and helping them get adopted,” Bisnauth told NBC New York.

Bisnauth also came up with the idea of ​​interviewing shelter dogs to show their personalities to potential adopters.

“It’s like a little show. I was asking them questions about themselves so people could see how they behave, what they like…information about them,” he said. . “So I couldn’t be there, but I could give them the visibility they needed.”

The 11-year-old says he wants to continue helping dogs when he grows up, maybe having his own rescue organisation, but that may not be his main focus as he says he wants work for NASA one day.

Bisnauth will be among other ASPCA award winners on Wednesday at a virtual luncheon to celebrate their commitment to animal welfare.

Bette C. Alvarado