Letter to the Editor: Iditarod hurts sled dogs

The following letter was submitted in response to the article “Lynden Becomes Iditarod Sponsor”.


Lynden’s sponsorship of the Iditarod murderer is baffling. Why would a reputable company support an event where dogs regularly suffer and die?

Dogs are subjected to biting winds, blinding snowstorms, sub-zero temperatures and falling through treacherous ice into freezing water. Their feet become bruised, bloody, ice cut, and just plain worn out from the vast distances they walk. Many dogs pull on muscles, sustain stress fractures, or become ill with diarrhea, dehydration, intestinal viruses, or bleeding stomach ulcers. Official Iditarod rules require dogs to be given only 40 hours of rest – in total. Over 150 dogs have died since the event was created.

Times change and so do sensitivities as to what we as a society find acceptable, as it should be. Forcing dogs to run to death in the Iditarod should be strongly condemned by corporations and anyone with a conscience.

Jennifer O’Connor
PETA Foundation

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Bette C. Alvarado