Snowmobile hits Iditarod founder’s grandson, sled dogs injure multiple people

A well-known musher, who is the grandson of Founder of the Iditarod, was recently hit by a snowmobiler while sledding with his team of dogs.

Ryan Redington said he and his dogs were deliberately hit by the snowmobiler in northern Wisconsin. The snowmobiler drove on the left side of the trail, hitting several mush dogs.

The driver stopped briefly after making contact with Redington and his dogs before fleeing. A GoFundMe was created for injured dogs and has since collected $40,000.

Two dogs were injured after being hit by the snowmobiler. One of them suffered multiple ruptures back paws and another suffered severe lacerations and bruises.

The mush dogs were Wear protective equipment to alert anyone nearby to their gifts, as it was later that evening, meaning there was no way the snowmobile driver hadn’t seen Redington and his dogs.

Redington has filed a police report, but since it was a hit-and-run, there’s not much to do.

Although this was an accident the musher could not have foreseen, it is another example of the dangers mush dogs are exposed to. Dogs that are forced to participate in these races are overworked and often suffer from health problems. Many die during the race due to heart attacks, pneumonia, muscle deterioration and dehydration. Because 1973, more than 150 mush dogs have died in the annual competition, showing just how dangerous the sport is for these animals. The 2022 Iditarod competition is set to begin in March, putting hundreds of mush dogs at risk as they race.

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Bette C. Alvarado