Summer heatwaves: 13 adoptable dogs in Birmingham

(Wo)man’s best friend. Sorry, these guys are off the market. Photo via Madison Croxson for Bham Now

Looking for a new best friend or family companion? Look no further! We’ve rounded up 13 of Birmingham’s cutest, smartest and silliest adoptable dogs for you.

Adoptable dogs in Birmingham:

1. Kala

adoptable dogs in birmingham
A very good girl named Kala. Photo via Shelby Humane Society

Kala is a rambunctious 2-year-old who happens to be blind, but that doesn’t slow her down! She is ready to play and has been patiently waiting for her “more and more” home since October. Foster families and/or adopters are encouraged to apply.

2. Mashed potatoes

adoptable dogs in birmingham
Seriously considering adopting it just because of its epic name. Photo via Shelby Humane Society

Mash Potato is a yearling female who is as friendly as can be. She loves anyone and everyone, and doesn’t meet a stranger. It is worth the detour to Shelby County.

3. Banjos:

adoptable dogs in birmingham
Small but mighty. Photo via Shelby Humane Company

Just look at that face! Banjo is only 5 years old and weighs 8.5 pounds. Although he is currently in foster care and undergoing heartworm treatment, he will soon be ready for his forever home.

4. Bug

adoptable dogs in birmingham
Bugg looking dapper. Photo via Shelby Humane Society

Bugg is an active, athletic 4-year-old who would do anything for fun. He likes to be the center of attention and should be the only pet in the house. Premium? He is extremely photogenic.

5. Mocha

adoptable dogs in birmingham
Mocha is ready to go home with you. Photo via Shelby Humane Society

Moka is a real success story. She arrived at the shelter severely underweight, but hasn’t missed a meal since. She’s about 6 years old and ready to bring her 77 pounds of love home to you.

6. Lila Belle

birmingham adoptable dogs
Who could say no to Lila Belle? Photo via Greater Birmingham Humane Society

This six-year-old will give lots of kisses in exchange for a good walk at sunset. She would do better in a home without feline friends and can’t wait to get out of the shelter after six long months. Is Lila Belle your new best friend?

7. Uncle Buck

birmingham adoptable dogs
Uncle Buck ready for his close-up. Photo via Greater Birmingham Humane Society

Uncle Buck is your guy if you’re looking for a casual hug. The four-year-old adoptable doesn’t care much for cats, but does well with other low-key dogs.

8. Jamesson

birmingham adoptable dogs
Jameson, reigning king of the “Zoomies”. Photo via Greater Birmingham Humane Society

Jameson is the life of the party. He is only 10 months old, but he is already trained in the kennel and king of the “zoomies”. Ready for your new sidekick?

9. Artemis

dog adoptable dogs birmingham
Artemis will steal your heart. Photo via Dixie Girl Dog Rescue

This sweet girl is a two-year-old Weimaraner mix, rescued from a dire situation in rural Alabama and now living her best foster life. Gifted with cats, children and even chickens, Artemis is ready to give you all the morning kisses. Are you ready to show her some love?

10. Jennifer

dog adoptable dogs birmingham
Jenn searches for her new best friend. Photo via Dixie Girl Dog Rescue

Jenn is very cuddly and loves nothing more than family movie nights (especially if you hold her like a baby during the movie). He is a young pup with lots of energy and learns his manners quickly. She gets along well with children and would also like a furry sibling.

11.Albert Einstein

dog adoptable dogs birmingham
Adopting Einstein is obvious. Photo via Dixie Girl Dog Rescue

Einstein is an adorable little guy who was abandoned by his original owners. He’s a bit shy at first, but once he warms up he loves running at Mach speed around the yard and playing with other dogs. Nor will he ever tell a good hug or a TV episode.


dog adoptable dogs birmingham
Sydney is a very good boy looking for a home. Photo via Dixie Girl Dog Rescue

Sydney was one of 18 puppies stranded alone in the woods of rural Alabama until the Dixie Girl team came to the rescue. He is now ready to find a loving, preferably active home that will include him in many adventures.

13. Koda

dog adoptable dogs birmingham
Koda is a total sweetheart. Photo via Dixie Girl Dog Rescue

Koda is a beautiful Flat Coated Retriever with perfect manners. Great on a leash, clean and incredibly gentle, he’s great with kids. His foster family adores him, so grab him while you still can!

Support adoptable dogs in Birmingham:

We have a few of the many organizations in Birmingham and surrounding areas working to support and reintegrate the dogs to thank.

Shelby County Humane Society was founded in 1977 to care for unwanted dogs and cats in Shelby County. The nonprofit continued to do its great work in central Alabama, with a focus on community education.

The Human Society of Greater Birmingham serves approximately 14,000 homeless, abused and neglected animals each year. And with the latest announcement of their “Campus of Compassion” project, the volunteer opportunities are endless.

Dixie Girl Dog Rescue, affectionately named after the founder’s first pup, is committed to saving all dogs, regardless of age or health. They believe that no animal is ever “broken” and work tirelessly to find the perfect “pawrents” for each of their rescues. They are primarily a transport rescue, rehoming pets across New England, but also have great love for their foster families and Bham adopters.

Alright Birmingham, who do you have your eye on? Let us know @BhamNow on social media.

Bette C. Alvarado