Adoptable dogs and cats in St. Petersburg

This distinguished chiweenie wants to take long, slow walks with you.
Pet Pal Animal Shelter


Need a calm pup for long, slow walks Kimmie is your girl. Some might call him “senior,” but we prefer to consider this 12-year-old, 15-pound chiweenie “vintage.”

A cat so affectionate, he could be a dog. No offense, cats.
Pet Pal Animal Shelter

howard the cat

Do you want a calm cat that saves you from taking naps in the sun, or do you want a cat with personality? The one who expresses an emotion – a happy emotion – when you come home every day, who makes you laugh with his shenanigans? This one-year-old domestic short-haired cat loves toys so much, he’s almost a dog.

A shaved australian shepherd
It turns out that under all that tangled fur, Milo is even After adorable.
Pet Pal Animal Shelter

The Adventures of Milo and You

We don’t know what adventures Milo had before coming to Pet Pal from another shelter last month, but he had so many mats, Ohana Dog Spa took pity on him to groom him. After six weeks of love and patience, Milo is no longer in pain (the matted fur was next to skin, and it hurts) but now this seven-year-old Australian Shepherd mix is ​​ready for his next adventure.

A white and black cat
Shadow is all about cover forts.
Pet Pal Animal Shelter

The shadow knows

Wait, where did she go? You’ll find this five-year-old domestic shorthair wrapped in a cat-made blanket. She’ll come out for scritches and nose boops.

All animals are sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed. Pet Pal Animal Shelter, 1830 61st Ave. N., St. Petersburg. 727-521-6191;

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