bats: the MHA plans a register of working dogs suitable for police duties | India News

NEW DELHI: A National Registry of Working Dogs (NRWD) is being established by the K9 Police Cell of the Ministry of Home Affairs to exclusively keep records of working dogs certified fit for police duty based on a locally developed behavior assessment test (BAT).
Central paramilitary and police forces will be encouraged to source only NRWD-registered dogs after qualifying benchmark scores for the “K9 Behavioral Assessment Test (BAT)” developed in-house by MHA’s K-9 Cell . BAT scores help identify what purpose a working police dog is best suited for – detection duty, patrol duty, or both.
“The earlier practice of depending on Kennel Club of India (KCI) registration to select a police dog was considered counterproductive as it was largely based on show value and breed specifications alone. did not take into account the working capacity of dogs, the primary consideration when it comes to their deployment for police duties.Their trainability is governed by various drives that the dog possesses and these traits of behavior are currently being assessed through a working K9 BAT innovatively developed by the Police K9 Cell of the Police Modernization Division of the MHA,” said Dr (Col) PK Chugh, Consulting Director of the Cell K9 to YOU.
BAT assesses dogs through 12 subtests that measure 25 behavioral ratings and 13 subjective ratings. Chugh said the BAT has been made mandatory to assess the trainability of all puppies produced by CAPF dog breeding centers. Only dogs that achieve baseline BAT scores will receive specialized training based on their functional assessment.
“The MHA has given a mandate to the four canine breeding centers of the central paramilitary forces – SSB, BSF, CRPF and ITBP – to breed 60 dogs and female dogs. We anticipate that each center will produce approximately 230 to 250 puppies per year. Some 1,000 “green” dogs (9-12 months old) at the four centers will be assessed using the K9-BAT test and only dogs that achieve baseline BAT scores will be registered in the National Dog Registry of work,” he said.
Preparing certified NRWDs for policing, according to the Home Office, will increase prospects, trust and quality assurance among all stakeholders.

Bette C. Alvarado