Coast Guard Aid Society launches scheme to support retired working dogs

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) – the official aid company of the United States Coast Guard – has announced a new program to support retired Coast Guard working dogs.

The Retired Working Animal Medical Grant (WAG) was announced at the same time as the Feco retreat, a nine-year-old Hungarian Vizsla serving with the San Francisco Coast Guard’s Maritime Safety and Security Team. The WAG will cover insurance costs for veterinary care and cremation of retired Coast Guard working animals.

Coast Guard working dogs are well trained and mission ready. However, upon retirement, service dogs are not entitled to any further financial support from the Coast Guard. Currently there is 18 working dogssupporting the mission around the Coast Guard.

Feco’s manager, active duty member of the Coast Guard, Petty Officer First Class Corey Sumner, expressed his gratitude for the new program:

“The WAG program will help a lot by easing the financial burden. This means I will have the extra help that could make a vital difference for Feco.

The WAG program was launched through the generous sponsorship of Ms. Maureen Manning, daughter of Rear Admiral Alfred P. and Claire Manning. Describing her commitment to the new program’s mission, Ms Manning said: “All members of our service deserve to be cared for and that includes those on all fours.” She gave the gift in memory of her parents and her own vizsla Sandy. Ms Manning wished her father could see the modern canine program as he would have been inspired by their incredible hard work and courage.

“At CGMA, we are pleased to show up for our retired Coast Guard, including our Coast Guard working dogs,” said Rear Admiral (Retired) Cari B. Thomas, CEO of CGMA. “The WAG program is just one of the many ways CGMA continues to find to meet the changing needs of the Coast Guard community.

Bette C. Alvarado