Dozens of adoptable dogs ready for new homes

CLEVELAND (WJW) — City Dogs Cleveland says there has been a steady stream of dogs arriving at the kennel faster than they leave.

In one Facebook post, Cleveland’s West Side Kennel says they had more than 15 strays overnight and needed to house them in temporary cages. On top of that, they already have 100 dogs waiting for adoption.

“We are working with as many of our rescue/shelter partners as possible,” the post reads, “but we need help reuniting animals with their owners as well as finding new homes for our adoptable dogs.”

If the idea of ​​adopting a dog makes your heart ache, here’s what you need to know:

  • Adoption fees are currently only $21, the cost of a license
  • You will need to schedule an appointment by filling out their brief meet and greet form here
  • All adoptable dogs can be viewed here
  • Be sure to have a discussion with your whole family ahead of time to ensure everyone is ready to commit

There are also many dogs that already have homes but are lost and found by the kennel. Here’s how you can help them reunite with their families:

  • If you or someone you know is missing a pet, please contact the kennel at 9203 Detroit Ave or by calling 216-664-3069.
  • Leave a detailed description of the missing animal even if it is not currently in the kennel.
  • To view all strays currently staying at the kennel, Click here. Be sure to check the website often; The kennel says it is updated when a new stray arrives.

Questions? Email City Dogs Cleveland here or call 216-664-3476.

Bette C. Alvarado