Georgia Airbnb that comes with adoptable dogs is a dream

BRB, booking a trip.

There is no doubt that there are amazing Airbnbs out there. From unique designs to remote destinations and everything in between, there’s something for everyone. And TikTok user @sophiethevagabond just to share the Airbnb of our dreams.

In this recent clip, she visited an Airbnb in Georgia. The place has a whole welcoming team that greets you when you arrive. It’s not the greeting we’d expect, but it’s the greeting of our wildest dreams. Check it out!

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OMG We need to book this Airbnb immediately! In addition to the house being so beautiful and cozy, the place has dogs running around. Does it get any better than that? ! Well, yes, because some of the dogs are foster pets and up for adoption. Ugh, we completely melted!

“Wait. This is great for people looking to adopt a dog. They can stay a few nights with their foster family before committing and bringing them home! @.reedjess wrote. Right!? We haven’t heard of a better idea in all the years we’ve lived in. @mtngirl_canmore added, “As an Airbnb host of multiple properties, I have to say this is THE best idea.” Does this mean we’re going to start seeing more AirBnbs with doggos running around?!

@leah_081992 said: “I told my husband we were going to Georgia.” And if he says no, it looks like you’re going solo and coming back with a friend. We don’t make the rules! The creator even said that all the dogs behaved so well and barking in the morning and evening was never a problem. We like it!

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Bette C. Alvarado