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Jodi Bailey, who breeds and races sled dogs in Alaska, speaks with second-grade students at Lubeck Elementary School via Zoom on February 11. (Photo by Evan Bevins)

LUBECK — Sophomores at Lubeck Elementary School read a story about Alaskan sled dogs, then they heard about someone who breeds and races them.

Jodi Bailey lives in Chatanika, Alaska, where she and her husband, Dan Kaduce, own the Dew Claw Kennel, a small competition kennel.

Second grade teacher Paula DeLong thought friend of a friend Bailey would be a perfect guest after students read the story “Sled Dog Race” by Jonathan London in their playbook.

Bailey has participated in many sled dog races in Alaska, including the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod. Her husband won this year’s Yukon Quest and will compete in the next Iditarod.

Bailey spoke to students in DeLong’s class and two others via Zoom on Feb. 11.

Sophomores at Lubeck Elementary School watch a video during their Zoom call with Alaskan sled dog racer Jodi Bailey on February 11. (Photo by Evan Bevins)

“Jodi is so passionate about her dogs and the races,” DeLong said. “She showed the kids videos of her runs (and) answered a lot of interesting questions from the students.”

DeLong said Bailey described a day of running, including wearing up to 20 pieces of clothing, sleeping and stopping every two hours to feed the dogs.

“The students were so excited to talk to a musher,” DeLong said.

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